I often wonder why women want to lose weight . It seems there are many people at the gym who spend countless hours trying to shed some fat but don’t really have a concrete reason for doing so.

On the other side, however, some women are losing weight for unhealthy reasons.

Why do you want to lose weight?

First I thought I would ask everyone who reads this post to write a quick comment telling us why you want to lose weight and whether you think that reason is a healthy one.

I don’t want to post my own ideas about what is a healthy or an unhealthy motivation so I will just give a list of some possible answers, both good and bad.

You might want be trying to lose weight:

  • to get healthy;
  • to impress a boy/girl, husband/wife, etc.
  • to look sexy;
  • to feel better about your self;
  • to improve your ability in your chosen sport;
  • to fit into a dress you bought;
  • to look good for a particular event;
  • to look good for summer;
  • because all your friends are thin;
  • because you like the training that goes along with weight loss;
  • because the doctor told me so;
  • because a partner or friend told me I’m fat;
  • because the Biggest Loser inspires me!
  • it is my latest phase;
  • I’m addicted to weight loss training;
  • etc.

As you can see there are a million reasons why someone might want to lose weight. In some respects, all of them are valid but you may also find that some of them can lead to problems down the track.

So, drop us a comment and start some discussion about healthy and unhealthy weight loss motivations. You never know, your comment might really help someone.